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Scott Muller Howell, United States of America Years Teaching: 5 Years Current School: American School of Kuwait Subjects Taught: Early U.S History, Modern U.S History, Ancient World History, World Current Events, World Geography, A.P European History, Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, U.S Government. Youtube Channel:

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Cultural Diversity
Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, as in the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. The phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other's differences. The phrase "cultural diversity" is also sometimes used to mean the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. The culturally destructive action of globalization is often said to have a negative effect on the world's cultural diversity.
Sociology Lesson 2- Sociological Perspectives
Sociological perspectives help us analyze the social problems in an holistic and organized manner. This essay would help you understand the society better.
Sociology Lesson 3- The Three Perspectives
In this video lesson we will be exploring the three perspectives of Sociology. These three perspectives are symbolic interactionism, functionalism and conflict theory.
Mesopotamia was an ancient region in the eastern Mediterranean bounded in the northeast by the Zagros Mountains and in the southeast by the Arabian Plateau, corresponding to today’s Iraq, mostly, but also parts of modern-day Iran, Syria and Turkey.
Ancient China
Chinese civilization originated in various regional centers along both the Yellow River and the Yangtze River valleys in the Neolithic era, but the Yellow River is said to be the cradle of Chinese civilization.