Frequently asked questions

What is VideoClass?

VideoClass is the new aged knowledge sharing for today’s fast paced society. In a world where convenience is essential attributable to everyday busy lives, VideoClass is the answer for learning and conquering. VideoClass covers every taught and tested subject area in the United States, from elementary to college level, without the costly fee of a tutor!

Where do I begin?

VideoClass allows you to choose any subject area you wish to explore. There are many areas within each subcategory that are readily available to learn from. These areas include:

Video Lessons:
Arranged by categories and subcategories.
Allows user to search, identify and study.
Personalized tutoring for each specific need.

Practice Makes Perfect:
Unlimited viewing of content area video lessons.
Exercise panels allow user to test new skills.

Individualized Tracking:
Each user has their personalized goal learning quota which is tracked within VideoClass to identify if goals are met or if they need to be revisited.

How do I know if VideoClass is right for me?

VideoClass caters to every subject area taught and tested in the United States. Yes, we cover the elementary grade levels and collegiate levels! So no matter what age or grade level you may be studying, we have the appropriate researched and published material for your educational needs. The only way to be sure if VideoClass is right for you is to try it!

I am familiar with classroom lessons and tutoring, but what are video lessons?

Traditional pencil and paper learning has been and still is essential to education in the United States. Tutoring allows concentration in one, or more, needed subject areas for mastering and generally is at a cost to reinforce skills learned by pencil and paper. Video lessons take the core of those subject areas, teach them, reinforce them and supply exercises and resources to implement and master.

How do I sign up for VideoClass?

On the top, right hand side, you will see the option for registering with VideoClass. Once you register with VideoClass you will be able to customize and track your or your child’s performance through every viewed and exercised video lesson. This allows you to track progress while enjoying the benefits of knowledge sharing.

Who are the VideoClass teachers that I or my child is learning from?

Here at VideoClass we pride ourselves on being a team of educated professionals who love to share their knowledge for the benefit of others. Our teachers are all certified, have experience, and work within the subject areas that they are teaching! Learn assured that you are getting the highest quality of education with VideoClass’s knowledge sharing community.

Who is behind the screen at VideoClass?

The VideoClass team behind the screen is composed of four handfuls of intelligent and bubbly people who strive to raise the bar in the American Education System. We ensure that the website is working properly, information is accurate, our viewers are satisfied and that we have the most up to date core standards of learning.

I am a VideoClass parent. How can I ensure that my child is on task with their learning?

Once you sign onto your (your child’s) VideoClass account you will see progress bars which enable you to track your child’s progress. These progress bars enable you to track the percentage of a lesson viewed, exercised and reviewed. If you feel your child’s level is insufficient, we have a multitude of other video lessons, taught on the same subject areas, differentiated for all learning styles.

I feel I could contribute my knowledge to VideoClass. Is it possible for me to do so?

We adore smarty pants! If you believe you could be an asset to VideoClass, contact [email protected] to discuss potential in our knowledge sharing community.

I am a teacher and I think VideoClass is awesome! Can I use VideoClass lessons in my classroom?

If you are a member of VideoClass, go for it! Show your students the potential that lay ahead of them with the use of technology. The only thing we do ask is please respect our Terms of Service and do not use anything for publication that is not yours! Proper citation is needed. If you believe your school district could benefit from VideoClass, share us with your administrators for our school district pilot program.

I am busy and barely have time to sit at a computer. Are there any other ways I can use VideoClass?

Yes! As many Americans have smartphones and tablets, we have been able to accommodate these on the go needs! Depending on your operating system, Android or Apple, there are available applications in your Play Store or App Store for VideoClass. This allows you, or your child, to learn on the go and still access all of the awesome capabilities of VideoClass! Has knowledge sharing ever been so easy?

Why can’t I load a video lesson?

There may be a few reasons why the video lessons are not viewable for you. First, check your internet connection and streaming capabilities. It may be as simple as resetting your server. If this is working properly then ensure that your video player is the most recent and up to date. The third option is to make sure you do not have pop-ups and/or restrictions blocked on your default web settings. If all else fails, please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance!

Can I leave a comment on a video lesson?

Positive comments are awesome! Below the video lessons, you will see a comment box. In this box please leave your comment; you must be logged in to do so. We enjoy reading and commenting back! If you have any negative feedback, which we believe you will not, contact [email protected] and let us know!

What if I believe there is a problem with a VideoClass lesson or an inaccuracy?

If for any chance you have any problems with VideoClass, please contact [email protected] and state the video lesson and dilemma you may be experiencing. We are always here to help!

I think VideoClass forgot something. There is a subcategory that I cannot find and I think it is super important. How can I request/speak to someone about this?

Even though we pride ourselves on the thoroughness and absolute greatness of VideoClass, we are only human! If you feel that we have neglected to cover a topic or have an idea for a potential uncovered great subcategory please email us at [email protected] to discuss this further.

I love VideoClass, what should I do?

Thank you for loving us as we love you! There are a few things you can do to tell the world of your love for VideoClass:

Tweet us, Facebook us, rate us, blog us! We live for knowledge; share our knowledge with others who also love knowledge sharing!

Become a contributor! You love VideoClass? Well so do our contributors! Share your intellectual abilities with hundreds of thousands in the United States. Contact [email protected] to get the process started.

Last but not least, wear it on a shirt, yell it off of a roof top, paint it in the sky… or at least just leave us feedback!

Is there a school pilot program for VideoClass?

This is a wonderful opportunity for your school/district as a whole! If you are a school official or administrator and wish to pilot VideoClass for your school/district please contact our General Manager, [email protected], for further information.

I have another question/comment that has not been answered. What do I do about this?

If for any chance your questions/comments have not been answered, please email [email protected]. He will be able to assist you in any matter that is not already addressed.