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Richard Wagner St Augustine, United States of America I am a nomadic, adjunct Professor of Political Science for Santa Fe College in Gainesville and Florida State College at Jacksonville. I have 4 years of experience teaching American politics, State and Local, and Comparative politics. Follow me on twitter @wagpolitics

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Why the US has a Two Party System
This is more of a "How" than a "Why", actually. Professor Wagner explains why in the US, where all citizens over 18 (with few exceptions) have the right to vote, and over 1/3 of the population is going independent, still has a rigid two party system. It's not because the voters like it.
Electoral College explained - (US)
Professor Wagner explains the Electoral College in the US, at least in 48 of the 50 states. (Read below for Maine and Nebraska). Regarding Maine and Nebraska, these 2 states have 4 electoral votes each (2 for the 2 Senators, and 2 for House Reps). In both cases, 2 of the electoral votes are "winner takes all", meaning whichever Presidential candidate wins the popular vote of the state wins the 2 electoral votes. The other 2, however, a decided by the to congressional districts. Therefore, Nebraska (like Maine) is divided into 2 congressional districts, and each electoral vote will go to the Presidential candidate who wins the popular vote in that district (rather than the whole state). Sometimes, therefore, you will see 3 votes go to one candidate, and the 4th vote go to the other.
Amending the US Constitution
How to amend the US Constitution. All possible methods, including when and if each method has been used.
Warfare and the US Constitution
This is a 3 part playlist of my lecture at Santa Fe College on "Warfare and the US Constitution".
How Laws Are Made (U.S.)
This is my new improved version of "How Laws Are Made"! I will go through the House, the Senate, and the President. I will also explain the notorious "filibuster" and other methods of obstruction. Follow me on twitter @wagpolitics