Ray Cinti

Ray Cinti Professor San Francisco, United States of America

Work and education

Master degree
Education: Digital Media and Learning University of San Francisco
Teaching Credentials in Biology and Chemistry UC Davis
Bachelor degree
Biological Sciences, Minor in Education UC Davis
Ray Cinti's You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSyDfIfcO3zjmU7uUC2cHbQ
Science Department Chair Schools of the Sacred Heart: San Francisco https://sites.google.com/site/raymondcinti/home

User videos

This videos discusses how to create Cladograms.
Phylogenies are Inferred
To infer phylogeny, systematics must gather as much data information as possible about the morphology and the biochemistry of the relevant organisms.
A brief look and evolutionary history.
Extinction is Forever
This video looks at the pros and cons of extinction events. It also considers the causes of extinctions and looks at a few examples.
Key Events in Life's History
This video looks into the major events in the story of life on the Earth.