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Peter Esperanza Barstow, United States of America I am a math teacher in Barstow High School and an adjunct instructor in Barstow Community College

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Vector Operations
Many problems can be solved most easily by using vector operations. Some problems as well can't really be expressed very well, without reference to vector operations and directions themselves.
ALGEBRA: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
In mathematics, an algebraic expression is an expression built up from constants, variables, and a finite number of algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number).
ALGEBRA: Evaluating Factorials
Factorials are products, indicated by an exclamation mark. For instance, "four factorial" is written as "4!" and means 1×2×3×4 = 24. In general, n! ("enn factorial") means the product of all the whole numbers from 1 to n; that is, n! = 1×2×3×...×n.
ALGEBRA: Evaluating Ratio and Proportion
A proportion is a name we give to a statement that two ratios are equal. When two ratios are equal, then the cross products of the ratios are equal.
ALGEBRA Graphing Logarithmic Functions
In this lesson you will learn how to graph logarithmic functions. The properties such as domain, range, vertical asymptotes and intercepts of the graphs of these functions are also explained.