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Subracting 9 from 11-19 quick trick!
Subtracting 9 can be a long task for some... not anymore! Watch this short video and watch your child answer improve in accuracy and time!
11 Times trick Level 3
Learn an easy way to multiply any number by 11... another Fast Math trick by Mrs. Mack! (Be sure to watch 11 times trick Level 4 to see how this was discovered!)
Divsion Level 2a
Dividing with a decimal in the dividend
9's times trick Level 2
Great 9 times trick...Level 2....mentally solve 9 X 115 and more! Easy!
11 times trick level 2
Learn a cool short-cut for multiplying with 11 when the sum of the digits is greater than 9! Tune into Level 3 to learn why these tricks work!