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Lesson 1: Thesis and the 5 Paragraph Essay Outline
This first lesson explores the benefits of learning how to write a solid thesis and outlining a five paragraph essay.
Lesson 2: The Comma
Welcome to Little Shop of Writers, commas, the second most frequently used form of punctuation. Learn how they slow down writing, list, and also give meaning to sentences. Write what you mean to say...
Lesson 3: The Semicolon
Welcome to Little Shop of Writers, lesson 3. Some consider the semicolon to be outdated and unnecessary. Learn the truth about this Zen-ish punctuation mark, that forms relationships and transcends ends.
Lesson 4: Ellipsis, Dash, Colon
The ellipsis, dash, and colon are similar but very different punctuation marks. They are like spices in sentences. Learn how to use each to properly flavor the flow of your writing.
Lesson 5: Who, That, Which
WHO, THAT, and WHICH are relative pronouns used to link a phrase or clause—both essential or nonessential— to another word in the sentence. Sound confusing? Not if you watch my video!