Karan Modi

Karan Modi Yanbu Al-Bahr, Saudi Arabia

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Yanbu International School
Bachelor degree
National institute of Technology, Jaipur B.Tech in Electrical Engineering

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Work Physics Extra Examples
Work Physics + Extra Examples !! Topic Work @ https://www.youtube.com/watch=d8xqOFhpRrk&list=PL8A02DC797915BFD1&index=3&feature=plcp Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/modikaran Problem Solving on Work ! Hope you like this video !
Inverse Functions
Inverse Operation of an function. A tutorial made to understand hard concept much easier! Thanks For watching. --------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe, Rate, Comment Follow me on my Social Networks for latest updates :)
Radian Measure
The radian measure of a central angle of a circle is defined as the ratio of the length of the arc the angle subtends, s, divided by the radius of the circle, r.
Trigonometry of Right Triangle
Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics involving the study of triangles, and has applications in fields such as engineering, surveying, navigation, optics, and electronics. Also the ability to use and manipulate trigonometric functions is necessary in other branches of mathematics, including calculus, vectors and complex numbers.
Temperature Measure
The temperature of a body is a quantity which indicates how hot or cold the body is. In this video We'll learn how to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.