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Rotational Motion: Angular Acceleration
This lesson will define angular acceleration and explain how to solve for a basic angular acceleration. In relation to kinematics and angular velocity. The change in angular velocity over the change in time and the formulas required to solve for angular acceleration will be looked at in depth in this lesson.
Rotational Motion: Angular Velocity
This lesson will explain how to define average angular velocity and how to solve a basic angular velocity problem. A review of Kinematics and its similarities to rotational motion, the radian, displacement. This lesson will explain how to derive the formula for angular velocity. An in depth step by step explanation of the concept will be explained.
Rotational Motion: Rotational Kinematics
This lesson will look at rotational kinematics and will compare translational to rotational kinematics and will solve a basic problem. Radian, displacement, angular velocity, regular velocity, angular acceleration, regular acceleration. If an object is accelerating, a comparison of the four kinematic equations will be shown step by step how and why they can be used in this circumstance.
Russo Physics: Rotational Motion: The Radian
This lesson will show and explain how to define the radian and how to convert from degrees and revolutions to radians. Looking at rotation using images and diagrams to find the axis, center of mass, displacement, and velocity. This lesson will take a look at examples to better explain the concept.
Rotational Motion 5 - Angular and Tangential Variables
This lesson will explain how to equate translational and rotational variables and how to solve a basic example problem. A review of rotational kinematics and rotational values to kinematic values to two two problems. This lesson will use diagrams to give a step by step process of how to solve and derive the appropriate formulas.