Graham Bray

Graham Bray Heathfield, United Kingdom I have been a teacher for over 25 years, and am currently the Director of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at a large comprehensive school in East Sussex. To bore you with the qualifications, I have a Joint Honours Degree in Botany and Zoology, and a PhD in Biological Sciences. I was also one of the first Advanced Skills Teachers in Kent. I am a passionate believer in life-long learning, and I will do whatever I can to encourage learning for all ages. Using videos to enhance learning has great potential, and I hope to exploit this potential via my products.

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Physics 1 - Length and time
In this video I show how to: - Use and describe the use of rules and measuring cylinders to find a length or a volume - Use and describe the use of clocks and devices, both analogue and digital, for measuring an interval of time - Obtain an average value for a small distance and for a short interval of time by measuring multiples (including the period of a pendulum). - Understand that a micrometer screw gauge is used to measure very small distances
Physics 3 - Mass and Weight
In this video we cover the topics of mass, weight as a gravitational force, and we consider the equation W = mg
Physics 4 - Density
This video will introduce students to the equation density = mass/volume. We will also look at the density of liquids and solids, and what happens when objects float.
Physics 5 - Forces 1
In this video we will be covering the following topics - balanced forces; friction and stopping forces; Hookes Law; the equation force = mass x acceleration.
Physics 6 - Forces 2
This second video on forces looks at two particular topics - forces and moments, and the principle of moments.