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Frank Scullion United Kingdom Learning of Chemistry through a growing bank of several hundred video lessons. The work of a grammar school teacher with over 30 years experience, it makes extensive use of animations and graphical illustrations to help students grasp the concepts more easily. Questions are frequently dissected and students helped to develop strategies to cope with the most challenging problems. You will be impressed by the wide use of creative eLearning software and the in-depth coverage of topics. All of the UK Chemistry Specifications are being used to select the topics and it is hoped that GCE will be completed by 2017.

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Formation of Sodium Chloride Salt
Thanks for visiting! This short flash video looks at the formation of sodium chloride - considering the formation of ions, an ionic lattice and salt crystals.
Aliphatic Tests: Solubility
Thanks for visiting! Here we interpret the results of the experiments demonstrated in Part 1, where we heated the carbonates of calcium, lead and copper.
Amines, Amides & Nitriles - Questions from various boards
Thanks for visiting! Past paper questions on GCE Organic Chemistry - amines , amides and nitriles.
Amino Acids Proteins_ Other Boards - Questions and Answers.
Questions and answers from other Examining Boards on the topic of amino acids proteins.
Balmer Series and Hydrogen Emission
A fairly in-depth consideration of the origin of the hydrogen emission spectrum and the Balmer Series. Other series resulting from the transitions of electrons are also mentioned briefly.