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Donald Fox Teacher United States of America Hi everyone. I originally created my video collection for my middle school students to use but I'm glad to share them with anyone willing to watch them! I've got a large majority of my biology videos done and will be working on creating an earth science library. I hope you find these helpful! Cheers!

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The Skeletal System Skeletal Joints
Here is a video lesson on the types of skeletal joints in the body.
Characteristics of Living Things
This video is about the five characteristics of living things: 1. All living things are organized (made of one or more cells) 2. All living things respond to the environment.
The Human Circulatory System Circulatory Pathways
This is a video about the three types of cardiovascular pathways. This video includes information about the Coronary, Pulmonary and Systemic Pathways
The Needs Of Living Things
This channel was created to post video lessons for my middle school science students .This video discusses the importance of a place to live, water and nutrients such as carbohydrates , lipids and fats for all living things.
Classifying Life
This video goes over: - Classification - Phylogeny