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Introduction to Astrological Interpretation
Introduction to how to interpret an astrology chart. Description of what the chart wheel is and the astrological meanings of the planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects. The zodiac signs of rulership, detriment, exaltation, and fall of the planets according to the modern and ancient systems of astrology
Astrology Software
The importance of having accurate time zone and daylight saving time information is explained. Cosmic Patterns also offers online free calculation of chart wheels, and the website astro.com offers very good free online astrology calculations.
How to Interpret the Birth Chart
The steps to interpret an astrology chart are explained. Several different methods are demonstrated. This video assumes that you are familiar with the glyphs of the planets and signs, are familiar with the basic meaning of each planet and zodiac sign and are familiar with the rulerships (signs of rulership, detriment, exaltation, and fall of the planets). If you are not familiar with these ideas, you can first watch the Introduction to Astrological Interpretation at http://youtu.be/qiF59UBAIJ8
The Different Methods of Astrological Interpretation
Overview of different approaches to astrological interpretation, such as: modern western psychological astrology, Hellenistic astrology, Classical astrology, Harmonic astrology, and use of midpoints.
Zodiac signs: From Ptolemy& Valens to Alan Leo & Linda Goodman
The modern interpretation of zodiac signs is very different from the ancient interpretations. We will find that Ptolemy and Valens interpreted zodiac signs differently from each other, and we will see how the modern approach to zodiac signs is different from both Ptolemy and Valens. Somewhat surprisingly, the evidence suggests that our modern understanding of zodiac signs did not get fully formed until the mid 20th century.